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Road to success

A scientific path that contains the power of collaboration

Bringing a radically sustainable innovation to a relatively new market, where do you start? Many phases have been passed in our search for the ultimate, durable and high-quality climbing hold. For example, in recent years we have worked together with more than 12 different partners in a consortium.

The technical feasibility study, market research, experimental research and industrial research have resulted in our product being developed into what it is today in recent years. A high-quality, durable climbing hold. Easy to clean, strong, non-rotatable and lightweight. Made from raw materials from waste streams. Based on scientific research in materials and engineering

A look at the future

With our training holds, Downclimb Jugs and our first line of holds (ESSENTIALS), Greenholds is officially off the grid. But this is just the beginning. We will be launching a new ranges of climbing holds in various shapes and sizes in the future. Perfect for climbing and bouldering gyms, but also for private use. We use the same concept: 100% recyclable and made from Nylon waste. High quality. Keep an eye on our website!