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About us

Providing responsible climbing performance

The ever-growing climbing world is crying out for sustainability, Greenholds offers the solution with a semi-circular business model. How does this work?

Climbing and bouldering centers regularly need new holds. They are worn out after a certain period of intensive use and need to be replaced. What will happen to the old holds? They end up in an incinerator. That has to be different. That is why there are now sustainable Greenholds of the highest quality and 100% made from raw materials from waste streams

40% second buy discount

20% material deposit

Greenholds makes the replacement of holds a circular process. We would like to see old, rejected Greenholds returned. These do not end up in an incinerator, but are completely reused. That is why there is a 20% material deposit on the holds! This is how we want to build a sustainable relation with you. A real win-win. The old Greenholds are reused or used as raw materials for the production of new holds. A circular system. With Greenholds we go for a more sustainable climbing world in an innovative way, hold by hold. In this way, we as climbers contribute to a sustainable climbing experience, with respect for nature.

1% for the planet

Greenholds is proud to be a 1% for the planet company. 1% for the Planet is a global movement that inspires businesses and individuals to support environmental solutions. As 1% for the Planet company, Greenholds donates at least 1% of its annual revenue to a worthy cause.

The sustainable brains behind Greenholds

To come up with Greenholds, you almost have to be a climber with a heart for the environment. Completely correct, when you know founders Geert and Tim. "We, Geert and Tim, are pervervid climbers. Sustainability and respect for nature are intertwined with our climbing sport. Unfortunately, we do not always see this in climbing and bouldering gyms."


Geert is a climbing gym owner and has been climbing all his life. He had had enough of the old-fashioned holds in his hall that couldn't be recycled. His search for sustainability in his climbing gym led him to a collaboration with Tim and the idea of ​​​​Greenholds. In the years of research into the ultimate holds, it was Geert who always found creative and innovative solutions for complex issues.

His future dream? He wants to make the climbing world more sustainable. In addition, Geert would like to adapt sustainable solutions in a big way, radically and practically. Easily applicable for climbing gym owners like him, and for everyone else.


Former top handball player Tim tried to get over his fear of heights by climbing. Even after the fear of heights disappeared, Tim continued to come enthusiastically to the climbing gym. There he ran into Geert. Making climbing more sustainable was discussed in a conversation.

Tim has completed a master's degree in Innovations and Sports and immediately saw opportunities for sustainable holds. He is all for innovation, including in the climbing world. With Geert and the many Greenholds consortium partners, he is very happy if he can contribute to making climbing more sustainable in the future in an innovative way.