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Our sustainability Pioneering Partner.

We are thrilled with our collaboration with the founder of indoor sportsclimbing; EP Climbing (Entre-Prises) This partnership will allow both companies to combine their unique strengths, resources, and expertise in order to respond on the demands of the climbing industry market.

Together we want to provide the indoor climbing world new solutions regarding the challenges we face, regarding a more sustainable climbing sport.

EP Climbing

EP Climbing is known as a pioneering market leader in the world of indoor climbing. What started in 1983 with the invention of a climbing hold, evolved into one of the world’s biggest manufacturers of climbing walls, -holds and -volumes. With their empowering mission “Brings climbing to everyone”, EP has been providing cutting-edge climbing infrastructure, that are tailor-made by expert designers & engineers and manufactured in state-of-the-art manufacturing units with the highest precision and finishing for the last 35 years.

Combining strength

Combining the entrepreneurial power of EP climbing with the knowledge of Greenholds feels perfectly compatible. A strong partnership which will go across boundaries. A partnership with power and believe. A perfect match to combine our missions. “Bring sustainable climbing to everyone”.

EP climbing


Power through collabartion

Greenholds represents a powerful consortium of more than 12 companies, knowledge institutions and the government. From 2018, intensive research has been carried out in various areas to arrive at a sustainable climbing hold in a circular business model. Each partner represents a specific area of ​​expertise or has been supportive and facilitating in conducting industrial and experimental research. Without these partners the Greenholds would not have existed! Our consortium is our right to exist. Now and in the future. We will continue to innovate to make climbing more sustainable. Greenholds consortium provides responsible creative climbing performance .

Distribution partners

We are proud to work together with our trusted distribution partners: