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Catalogue 2024

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What others say about (the new) Greenholds!

"As climbers, we are often concerned with sustainability and try to reduce our footprint.

That's why I think it is awesome that Greenholds has come with this radical innovation to make sportsclimbing more sustainable!

The holds have a positive grain which gives you perfect grip. The wear is very low, so they are long lasting. Double win I would say!"

Amber Schiffeleers

Dutch Champion Boulder 2024

"Greenholds creates variety in shapes by creatively exploring the possibilities of their material and their productionmethod. The result
is a surprisingly diverse range of holds that could easily suit the needs of any climbing gym.

The material ticks all the boxes when it comes to the high demands of a modern climbing hold. It’s strong, it’s light, and
once in use it shows very little abrasion. Moreover it  provides perfect friction. With their latest range expansion, Greenholds show they have a product that is ready for the global climbing gym market."

Emile Naus

Owner AAP Climbing

"When working with these holds you will really appreciate how light yet robust these holds are.

The surface texture offers surprisingly good grip and is skin-friendly for the climbers.

Setting becomes a lot more "fun", because the holds are easy to handle.

I love the ESSENTIALS expansion in their portfolio. With the variety in shapes we can build some awesome routes"

Hanna van Veldhuizen

Routesetter and fanatic climber

Meet Geert and Tim!

Real climbing enthusiasts