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Welkom bij de nieuwe generatie klimgrepen

Eerste recyclebare klimgrepen ter wereld. Geproduceerd met grondstoffen uit afval. Klaar met vervuilende grepen? Greenholds heeft de duurzame oplossing. High end geëngineerd. Topkwaliteit met de perfecte Grip & Feel. Lichtgewicht, supersterk en makkelijk schoon te maken. Welkom bij de nieuwe generatie klimgrepen.

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Providing responsible creative climbing performance

Down Climb Jug

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System Disk

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System disk
System disk
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Campus Balls

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Campus Rungs

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Campus rung
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Sustainable climbing holds

Duurzame klimgrepen voor een betere planeet aarde

Bij Greenholds gaan we voor duurzaamheid. Daarom bestaan onze klimgrepen 100% uit Nylon afval. Daarnaast zijn de grepen volledig recyclebaar aan het eind van hun levenscyclus én is Greenholds met trots een 1% for the planet bedrijf.

F.A.Q.’s...... about how Green are the Holds?

Which materials are the Greenholds made of?
Greenholds are “single material products” made of Polyamide (PA). A.k.a. “Nylon”.

How are your holds made?
We use a total different production method. So called injection moulding.

How does your raw material come from waste?
Our supplier is specialized in reprocessing (regranulate) waste from industries working with PA.

Are you really 100% recyclable?
Yes! 😊 In a close loop (only Greenholds) we shredder the holds to granulate , melt the granulate and we can produce new holds again.

Is your recycling process bad for the environment?
No! 😊 We applied a circular product design and recycling will take place in a closed system. No water is involved and there will be no release of micro plastics during the recycle process.

How long do your holds last?

Our holds have a sustainable design. Highly engineered to last longer than current holds on the market. Super strong and wear resistant. Recycling is the last solution.

Where are your holds being made?
We are a European producer of climbing holds with a total local supply chain.

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